Solelim had a blast at Six Flags!!!

    Solelim was having a great time at Six Flags yesterday – they enjoyed the water rides, the rollercoasters, the games, and just about everything! We split up the chanichim (campers) into different groups based on their interests, for example if the kids wanted to spend the whole day in the water park they got to join a 'water park' group and if they wanted to do both the water park and the regular park they joined another group. A counselor accompanied the groups, which consisted of 5-6 kids throughout the park the whole day long.

    The kids had a great time, as i walked throughout the park I saw many smiling faces as they were riding the rollercoasters and mini-rollercoasters. This is such a great age where the kids feel comfortable testing out new things – some kids who had never been on a ride before tried going on a mini-rollercoaster and found that they had a fun ride! Many of the chanichim sunbathed in the water park and slid down the water slides. The Looney Toon characters were also a big hit and proved entertaining to the kids.

   All in all everyone had a great day!

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