Solelim has a ball at Yom Monopoly! (Part II)


   The day continued and we learned a new song in Hebrew calld "Ish HaCheshmal" (The Electric Man) about an Israeli man who brought electricity to Israel…just like the kids, you're probably wondering howthis connected to monopoly?  And I would have to answer you: the Electric Company spot on the monopoly board, of course! The Solelimers choreographed a dance to the song, too, and below are some great pictures!

    At the end of the day we played a human-sized game of Ramahpoly! We drew the board on the tennis courts in chalk and then had huge dice and rolled them in order to buy properties around Camp Ramah, for example, the Beit Am Aleph, Beit Am Bet, and Beit Am Gadol, the canteen, the upper and lower migrash, etc.

   We finished the day with a nice 'boardwalk' snack of big soft pretzels and popcorn!





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