Solelim has ‘Yom Shrek’!


Yesterday for our Yom Meyuchad (special day) the theme for the day was 'Yom Shrek' (Shrek day). The day started off with dividing into groups and coming up with a name for their own specific kingdoms, an anthem, 10 commandments for the kingdom, and drawing a map of the country. The kids then presented what they had created to the group as a whole. There were some very interesting commandments, like "you must eat candy every day." The day continued with a trivia competition to earn ingredients to decorate a gingerbread cookie, in honor of the gingerbread man in the movie. Afterwards there was a huge scavenger hunt all over camp where the Solelimers had to complete different tasks in order to reach Princess Fiona (me) at the Alpine Tower … the day went so well and the counselors did an amazing job planning out the day. The kids were fully engaged and having fun! We ended the day with our usual medurah (campfire) and some karaoke – just like shrek ends!!

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