Solelim Highlight: Peulot Tzrif


Every day this summer in Solelim,  we have peulot tzrif (bunk activities). It is an incredible opportunity for the tzrif (bunk) to bond for 50 minutes every day. Our amazing madrichim (counselors) have been planning really fun, engaging activities that center around team-building and cooperation. Tzrifim (bunks) recently have competed in ping pong tournaments, boating races, ropes activities, and arts and crafts with fun and creative food options! This week, as we near the close of the session, we try to appreciate every peulat tzrif, and soak in every moment of our day! This Wednesday, we have an extra special treat of the Nivonimers coming to lead a peulat tzrif for us! We can’t wait!!

Cousins on a canoe!
The Goldberg sisters are pros at boating!

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