Solelim hits the road (metaphorically) on Yom Road Trip

This post was written by Rosh Solelim Emily Farbman:

Solelim had an amazing Yom Meyuchad (special day): Yom Road Trip! We started the day by building our own cars and creating license plates, assembling road trip music playlists, and determining the route for our trip across America.

Our first stop was Boston. The chanichim all participated in a Boston Marathon apache relay race. There were a lot of fun challenges like running a lap around the field while wearing the cars the chanichim had just built, singing our edah song, and building a paper ship and blowing it across the Boston Harbor.

Our next stop was New York City. The chanichim experienced their own version of SNL (Solelim Night Live); we played different improv games and the chanichim demonstrated their superb acting skills.

Our road trip included other fun stops as well, like Yellowstone National Park, a Midwest state fair, Vermont ice cream, and more! We ended our day in the nation’s capital, Washington DC. Chanichim were taught about the national monuments in the city. They were then challenged to answer questions about the monuments and to replicate their architecture using random materials such as uncooked pasta and taco shells.

The chanichim had a wonderful day working together in groups, learning about various cities, and competing in fun challenges!


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