Solelim in Search of G-d

   This past Shabbat the madrichim put together a discussion about G-d and how Judaism views G-d in different ways. We started off with three panalists who talked a bit about their thoughts of G-d, struggling, the universe, Creation, and G-dly acts of Lovingkindness. Then we split into groups to discuss each of the following five topics of G-d: (1) G-d as the watchmaker who created the world and then left, (2) Hashgacha Pratit – Divine Intervention, where G-d is involved in everyday life, (3) Free Will, (4) I don't believe in G-d, (5) I don't know if G-d exists. 

     It was very fascinating to hear the views of all of the Solelimers, as well as the madrichim's (counselors) reactions to their campers' responses.  Aaron, one of the madrichim from tzrif (bunk) 23, "I was surprised at how many of the kids took it really seriously and the depth of their answers." Emma, one of the madrichot of tzrif 1 says, "I thought it was really interesting to hear what they had to say; when I was 11 I don't think I was thinking about these things." It was an excellent peulah (activity) that got everyone thinking.

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