Solelim kicks off a great kayitz (summer)!



We’re so excited to be at Machane Ramah as Solelim 2011!!! Our Madrichim (counselors) have a great session planned and have some amazing ruach (spirit)! They have taught all of Solelim the Edah song, which goes to the World Cup Theme tune of “Waka Waka” by Shakira, ask them to sing it to you when they get home – of course it’s all in Hebrew so also ask for a translation!
    What have we been up to for the first two days of camp, you ask? Well, let me tell you – all of Solelim started out with some icebreaker games with the whole Edah, they played a name game while passing a ball forward around the circle and then backward and they needed to know the name of the person they were passing to. Later that same day they took part in a peulat erev (night activity) that included a matching game with a Hebrew word taped to their backs and a description in English. We’ve been learning so much!
    Tonight we did a great peulah about “v’ahavta l’raiacha kamocha’ (love your neighbor as yourself) and worked together in teams supporting each other. We passed apples to each other without using our hands, and blindfolded one person while the others gave directions in Hebrew. We can’t wait for more fun peulot and Shabbat (our favorite thing at Machane Ramah New England)!!



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