Solelim Kicks off Kayitz 2014!!

After waiting 10 long months for camp to start, the Solelimers could not have been more excited to begin the summer! Our first day was filled with incredibly fun peulot tzrif (bunk activities), such as relay races, gaga tournaments, and necklace-making sessions. In just the first day, we learned not only our lively edah song to the tune of “zeben zeben,” but also our Super Secret Solelim Handshake. In the first few days, we have worked hard to meet new people and strengthen our pre-existing relationships. We kicked off the kayitz with an incredibly fun bingo challenge, and Solelimers could be seen racing around our moadon (meeting place) asking each other questions like “have you visited Israel before?” and “is this your first summer at camp?” We had an inspiring shira (song) session at our medura (bonfire) Thursday night, led by Sally Heckelman and accompanied by our incredible madrichim (counselors). S’mores were enjoyed by all!!

Following a short yet busy first week of chugim (activities) such as basketball, a cappella, outdoor cooking, and ropes, we happily brought in Shabbat. We gathered in a circle for hachanah le’Shabbat (Shabbat preparation), and we learned a niggun, reviewed our week, introduced our theme for Shabbat (trust and optimisim), and practiced the Super Secret Solelim Handshake. Shabbat was filled with much song, dance, laughter, and relaxation. We cannot wait to embark on our first full week of camp!!

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