Solelim Loves Camp!


Still hyped from an unprecedented Shabbat performance, Edat HaSolelim entered the week with much enthusiasm and energy! We had an exhilirating peulat erev (evening activity) with Amitzim, where we learned how to conduct science experiments. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only delve into the realm of science, but also to make friends outside of our edah.

Solelim and Amitzim Combined Peulat Erev (evening activity)

Our Yom Meyuchad (special day) on Monday was Yom Chayim (The Day of Life). We explored our summer’s theme of Etz Chayim (The Tree of Life) through multiple activities, including picking locations of residence and careers, growing plants, playing evolution tag, running through sprinklers (making the best of a rainy day!), completing an obstacle course and getting pink lemonade, and making time capsules to open in Nivonim 2019 (when they are in the oldest edah at camp). It was quite a fun-filled day!

Some members of tzrif 1 (bunk 1) doing tie dye!

Tuesday was Tisha B’Av (the ninth of the Hebrew month of Av), and we had a much more relaxed, low-key day. Morning tfilot (prayers) were with all of a-side, and we had several peulot tzrif (bunk activities), and one peulat edah (edah activity) of creating a Solelim Mural.

Wednesday, in an effort to get to know everyone in the edah, each Solelimer walked back from breakfast with a buddy! We enjoyed each other’s company at our peulat erev (evening activity) of karaoke.

This morning, tzrif 3 (bunk 3) had early morning boating, and tzrif 1 (bunk 1) set up the moadon for tfilot (prayers). We are excited to see the Nivonim play tonight, and for Boker Tzrif (a morning of bunk activities) tomorrow!

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