Solelim Loves Yom Foam!!

Today Solelim, along with the rest of tzad aleph (a-side), was able to experience the joy that is Yom Foam. Fire trucks come and fill the lower migrash (field) with foam, and everyone is able to run into it and play! It is a true joy and highlight of the kayitz (summer). Today, chanichim (campers) enjoyed “shampooing” their hair, playing catch and tag, and pantomiming in the foam! Foam makes everything more fun.

Tonight we will usher in Shabbat with the rest of come at Kabbalat Shabbat. It has been an incredible week, and we are really looking forward to all of our wonderful Shabbat peulot (activities). We wish you a restful, peaceful, and holy Shabbat, from our Solelimers to you!!

Having fun in the foam!
Having fun in the foam!


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