Solelim Parsha Improv: Pinhas in Snapchat

Monday morning, our Solelim chanichim (campers) were treated to a creative peula (activity) at the time of the Torah service in Tefila.   The edah was split in to 6 groups, and they had 5 minutes to create a still-life snapshot of a scene from this week’s parsha.  The tzevet (staff) careully devised this interactive parsha exercise and it succeeded brilliantly in engaging and educating the chanichim about the parsha in a fun and collaborative fashion.  Notably popular with the chanichim were the feminist victory won by the daughters of Zelophehad with regard to enacting more equitable land inheritance laws, the human mountain and the dead characters…Mah Tov!

See if you can match the scenarios (listed below) with the photos (above):

Dividing the land of Israel between the tribes.

Moshe is looking down at the land of Canaan from the top of Mount Nevo, with people behind him and he can’t get in.

Women are approaching Moses to claim their family lands, because they have no brothers and their father has passed away.

Joshua becomes the next leader.

Jeremiah, the prophet, predicts the destruction of Jerusalem (prophetic reading).

Elijah brings down fire from the sky on to Mount Carmel (prophetic reading).




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