Solelim plays Jew-pardy!


   Last night Solelim played an amazing round of Jewpary (Jewish Jeopardy) in the Beit Am Aleph, and all while dressing up as celebrities! So it turned out to be celebrity Jewpardy. It was really cute – the Solelimers dressed up as Justin Beiber, Bugs Bunny, Patrik from Spongebob, Michael Jackson, some of their madrichim (counselors), and one girl even dressed up as me (Tova, the rosh edah)!

      The kids had to give the answer in question form, just like Jeopardy, but also in Hebrew. They had to ask "mi zeh" (who is this), 'ma zeh' (what is this), or "kama ze" (how much is this). Of course there were challenges under some of the '500' categories, of which included: making a human map of Israel and singing "Jerusalem of Gold" as well as writing out Shir Ramah (the camp song of Ramah) and doing an interpretive dance. At the end there was a mini-fashion show of the different groups and their creative costumes. It was very educational and very fun.


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