Solelim Plays “Survival”!!

Wednesday night, our Peulat Erev (evening activity) was described by many campers to be the most fun peulat erev they have ever done at camp. One camper said, “Rafi, I would like to become a Madrich (counslor) at Machaneh (Camp) Ramah in New England so that I can run great games like this one!”

Let me try to explain the rules of Survival:

75% of the Edah are the Herbivores. The task of the Herbivores is to search for the food supplies– if any of the Herbivores finds all 5 of the food supplies and brings them back to home base without getting eaten, then the game is over, and the Herbivores win.

20% of the Edah are the Carnivores. They can eat the Herbivores, and collect their life tickets. Their task is to collect the most life tickets from Herbivores and Humans. They win by accumulating points.

5% of the Edah begin as a Human tribe. Humans can kill Carnivores and Herbivores, but only by throwing  a ball at them from a distance. If they miss and lose their ball, they are vulnerable to attack by the Carnivores. Humans travel in tribes for greater protection from Carnivores. There may also be inter-tribal warfare between human tribes. If you lose all your life tickets, you have to return to home base, and then you may be re-incarnated as an Herbivore, Carnivore, or Human tribe.

Finally, 1 person begins the game as the Disease. If the disease touches anyone (Herbivore, Carnivore, or Human) they become infected by the disease, lose their previous identity, and they have to run around in a snake shouting the disease name.

This game is totally epic, and it was enjoyed by both kids and counselors!


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