Solelim Rocks Yom Sport!!


Solelimers absolutely LOVED Yom Sport! It gave them an opportunity to not only reconnect with their siblings and friends on tzad bet, but also to create more unity among tzad aleph and to take a leadership role.

Ziv Deener-Chodirker dribbling the ball to the hoop for the winning shot!
Sophia Jacobson representing Yarok (green)!


Solelimers Kayla Traiger and Jacqueline Sherry with their sisters on Tzad Bet!

In addition to making artistic banners, creating graceful dances, and learning spirited songs and cheers, Solelimers participated in soccer, bocce, shimon omer (simon says), ninja, gaga, charades, basketball, singdowns, touch football, Bar Mitzvah games, kickball, wiffle ball, ultimate Frisbee, red light/green light, sand castle building, and a camp-wide apache relay. They spoke only Ivrit (Hebrew) during aruchat boker (breakfast), and participated flawlessly in a silent aruchat tzohorayim (lunch). To conclude the day, each Solelimer starred in closing ceremonies, showcasing their incredible talent and the hard work they put in all day. Yasher Koach L’Solelim!!


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