Solelim Ruach / Solelim Spirit

This year, Tzevet Solelim (Solelim Staff) spent some time during Shevua Hachanah (Staff week) thinking about the different values that we wanted to focus on this summer in our programming. After a really wonderful conversation, the group decided on 8 values, one for each week of the summer, that truly exemplify the Spirit/Ruach that we want to cultivate in Solelim. The first week’s theme was Positive attitude/ גישה חיובית. At our Peulat Shabbat (Shabbat activity), we talked about how the differences in the reports of the spies Joshua and Caleb vs. the rest of the spies could be boiled down to a difference in attitude. The facts on the ground were the same for both reports, but the responses were drastically different. In small groups, we acted out a whole bunch of scenarios using positive and negative attitudes, Goofus and Gallant style, which the kids really had a lot of fun with.

This week, the theme is standing up to the group/ עמידה נגד הקבוצה. On Monday night, our peulat erev (evening activity) was a couple of games of tag that were loosely connected to the theme, and we talked about what it means to stand up for what you believe in. The kids took it seriously and had a lot of fun!

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