Solelim, Shira and Tefilla: Inspiration, Followed by Appearance of Bruce Springsteen and His Trusty Agent

Participants in Solelim’s Chug Shira (singing/music elective) learned and sang with our Visiting Shira Specialist Elie Greenberg. New tunes for Mah Rabu, Oseh Shalom by Nava Tehilla and the Al Ken Nekaveh paragraph (from Aleinu) were introduced and taught, and the group ended with a rousing rendition of Im Tirtzu.  This last song sparked a fascinating roundtable about Herzl, Zionism, the Middle East, conflict, strife, war, and peace.  All in one chug!

The very next day, Solelim began the Fourth of July Yom Ragil (regular day) with a robust, energetic Tefilla, of course, with everyone decked out in red, white and blue.

Surprise! Solelim were greeted in the Chadar Ochel (dining room) following Tefilla by Bruce Springsteen, his Trusty Agent, and Born in the USA!

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