Solelim: Tefilla with Darshan Rabbi Hillel Greene

Our chanichim (campers) in Solelim had a wonderful, song-filled tefilla this morning.  In addition, a Tzevet Limud (education staff) member, Rabbi Hillel Greene, delivered a very pertinent d’var Torah.  Rabbi Greene has been associated with Palmer since 1989 when he was in Gan; and Lily Rabinoff-Goldman, since her Solelim year, 1992.  The couple met in 2002 here at Palmer, and were married in 2008.   They are proud parents of Eli, age 5, in the Gan currently; and Addie, age 3, pictured above with her parents.   Lily is head of the English Department at Gann Academy; Rabbi Greene is on the Jewish Studies faculty at Gann.  In his D’var Torah today, Rabbi Greene related to the parsha, Pinchas, and spoke in particular about Tzelophehad — and his daughters.  Rabbi Greene noted that one possible meaning of the name Tzelophehad is shadow from terror.  The story of Tzelphehad’s daughters revolves around the change in inheritance laws with regard to the 5 daughters inheriting their father’s land.  Rabbi Greene noted how important it is, especially at our machane (camp) and during times when changes occur, to have courage and not be afraid.

Rosh Edah Ianne Sherry and madrichim (counselors) then turned the focus to a different section of the parsha that describes the census.  They played an original “Solelim Census Bingo” game, see photo of the board, below.  The object of the game was to get to know every chanich in Solelim in the same fashion that a census was taken in the parsha this week.  This was a great, fun and interactive activity to engage the chanichim in Torah study.  Yasher Koach!