Solelim Tefilla — Sunday Karaoke! Monday Torah!

Solelim chanichim (campers) had an amazing interactive karaoke tefilla yesterday, with Josh Edelglass.

Today, their tefilla included a d’var Torah by Tzevet Limud (Education staff) member, Rabby Andy Pepperstone (photo below).  Rabbi Pepperstone serves as spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Sholom – Chevra Shas in Jamesville NY. He received his ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary, where he also studied Jewish Education at the Davidson School of Jewish Education. He also holds a BA in Linguistics with a Minor in Hebrew Language from the University of California in San Diego.  Rabbi Pepperstone is here at the machane (camp) with his entire mishpacha (family): wife Cantor Paula Pepperstone, also on Tzevet Limud, one daughter on Tzevet as a madricha (counselor), one daughter who is a chanicha (camper) on Tzad Bet and a son who is a chanich on Tzad Aleph.

Rabbi Pepperstone told a story related to this week’s parsha, Ekev, about a jeweler in Eastern Europe who plans to sell her jewelry store.  However, before she would sell it, the buyer had to agree to close the store every Friday afternoon in order to distribute tzedaka to those in need.  Her reasoning was that her wealth and jewels were all due to God, and therefore she had made it a practice for decades to close the store every Friday afternoon, and share her wealth with others.  The buyer agreed, the store was sold, and the practice of sharing wealth continued.  The focus of the story is in these two verses:

ז  וְאָמַרְתָּ, בִּלְבָבֶךָ:  כֹּחִי וְעֹצֶם יָדִי, עָשָׂה לִי אֶת-הַחַיִל הַזֶּה. 17 and thou say in thy heart: ‘My power and the might of my hand hath gotten me this wealth.’
יח  וְזָכַרְתָּ, אֶת-יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ–כִּי הוּא הַנֹּתֵן לְךָ כֹּחַ, לַעֲשׂוֹת חָיִל:  לְמַעַן הָקִים אֶת-בְּרִיתוֹ אֲשֶׁר-נִשְׁבַּע לַאֲבֹתֶיךָ, כַּיּוֹם הַזֶּה.  {פ} 18 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God, for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day. {P}


The chanichim went on to conduct a beautiful Torah service, complete with 3 Aliyot.  Yasher Koach!

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