Solelim Tfilot at the Agam!


This morning, Solelim held beautiful tfilot (prayers) on the agam (lake) sand. Tzrif (bunk) 25 had sidor makom, so they arrived early, brought the sidurim to the agam (lake), and greeted everyone as they came in!

Agam 1
Tfilot Greeting Committee!

Sally Heckelman, our resident expert, Rosh Shira (Song leader), also joined us with her guitar and melodious voice. We sang popular tunes like “Wake Me Up” to parts of the service. It was a wonderful way to wake up in the morning, with the sounds of song and guitar, and the incredible view of the agam (lake) in front of us!

Agam 2
Sally and Tzrif 25 lead tfilot!


Here’s to more fun tfilot in creative locations!

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