Solelim Tfilot!!


Now that Solelim has a solid handle on the content of tfilot (the prayer service), we have strived to reach further heights of creativity and spirituality. On Friday, we had a special Dvar Torah delivered by Marcia Glickman. She told a classic story about gossip and how once we say something, we can never retrieve it. Marcia connected the story to tfilot by saying that words have so much meaning, and can truly have a serious impact on our actions, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. The chanichim (campers) were completely engaged, as Marcia used her props and fabulous story-telling skills to express her point.

This morning, as part of our larger tzad aleph (a-side) Yom Yisrael (Israel Day), we had Israel-themed tfilot. We walked in to our moadon to find it decorated in blue and white streamers, and one of our incredible mishlachat members, Yaara Fuks, led tfilot alongside her chanichot (campers). Tunes to several of the tfilot were from Hebrew/Israel songs, including Yachad, Hagalshan, and Hatikvah. The chanichim (campers) were so engaged and were having a great time!

Later this week, we will be having tfilot (prayers) on the beach of the agam (lake), and we look forward to incorporating yoga and meditation into the service.

Come join us for Solelim tfilot!!




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