Solelim Tzrif Unity!


Built in to our daily schedule, Solelim has fifty minutes to bond with their bunkmates. Every day, our madrichim (counselors) plan incredible programs that focus on team-building, getting to know each other, unity, combating challenges and obstacles, creating art work, and competing in some friendly competition. Peulot tzrif (bunk activities) have included girls and boys bonding, basketball tournaments, dance creations, obstacle courses, and scavenger hunts. I am blown away every day by the creativity and dedication of our madrichim (counselors). They work to create programs that foster teamwork and cooperation, while still maintaining massive amounts of fun and positive energy!! The chanichim (campers) love this time in the day, where they are really able to spend time with their friends who may or may not be in their chugim (electives) throughout the rest of the day. Here’s to many more amazing peulot tzrif (bunk activities)!

Solelim 1
Tzrif (Bunk) 8 are having a blast during peulat tzrif!

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