Solelim Welcomes in Kayitz 2009!!!!


What an exciting week it has been so far! Solelim kicked off
their first night with an exciting scavenger hunt!  Solelim chanichim
had to find a missing staff member, our Sgan Noah Slovin.  In order to obtain a clue about the next
scavenger hunt location each bunk had to do an activity together including
getting out of a human knot, making a human pyramid and answering trivia
questions! Everyone had a great time and lots of laughs.  We ended our day singing “Rad Hayom”
our goodnight song, and then each tzrif went
back to their bunks for a story and talk with their madrichim.  Today we
have started chugim and tarbut yehudit, which include activities
such as boating, rikud, omanut, teva, ropes,
cooking and many more! Tonight we learned our edah song and filled the Machaneh with our singing! Everyone is
so excited and cannot wait for tomorrow!CIMG3630CIMG3629CIMG3627CIMG3633CIMG3634CIMG3637CIMG3642CIMG3643CIMG3644

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