Solelim Yom Clue


For our Yom Meyuchad (special day) this week, Solelim spent the day solving puzzles, doing challenges, and deciphering riddles drawn from Biblical verses! Over the course of the day we discovered when the Torah was stolen, where the stolen Torah was stashed, and who stole the Torah. Of course, it was Colonel Mustard in the Dining room with the Wrench! The kids worked collaboratively to complete each challenge necessary to receive another clue, and each clue came in the form of a verse from the missing Torah itself that alluded to a place or a name. We had a great time watching the kids figure out each new detail to complete the picture of the crime that occurred. By the end of the day, we discovered that Noah had stolen the Torah in the middle of the night and placed it on Tzad Bet.

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