Solelim Yom Purim


Interspersed into our Yom Football Club Yisrael, Solelim also joined up with Amitzim to celebrate Purim, the last of our holidays in our Solelim theme of all the Jewish holidays in one summer. Before lunch we joined Amitzim for a Megillah reading. The reader used special voices for each of the characters and read from Chapter 7, which is the part where Esther accuses Haman in front of the king of wanting to kill her and the rest of the Jews. Everyone shook noisemakers to blot our the name of Haman.

In the afternoon, Amitzim and Solelim came together again to bake Hamentaschen, which were a very tasty afternoon snack. In the evening, we had a costume party and games to celebrate Purim in a carnival style.

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