Solelim’s Boker Tzrif!!


Solelimers LOVE Boker Tzrif!! Once a session, each tzrif (bunk) gets to spend an entire morning together doing special programming. Today, the Solelim tzrifim (bunks) have quite an array of acitivities! Tzrif (bunk) 1 is doing zumba and making tie dye shirts, tzrif (bunk) 5 is climbing ropes and exploring agam (lake) wildlife, tzrif (bunk) 7 is participating in a ping pong tournament and baking challah, tzrif (bunk) 8 is doing space painting and boating, and tzrif (bunk) 25 is using the Jungle Joe and doing zumba! In addition to all of these awesome activities, each tzrif (bunk) is creating an artistic plaque to be hung on the walls of the tzrif (bunk). For years to come, the chanichim (campers) and madrichim (counselors) will remember this glorious morning!

Boker Tzrif 1
Tzrif (bunk) 25 making their plaque!
Boker Tzrif 2
Tzrif (bunk) 7 banot are having a blast!!

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