Solelim’s first day!

As soon as all the parents left and had dropped off their kids, Solelim began their very first day of camp with some peulot tzrif (bunk activities) which each bunk organized for themselves. After they got tested in the agam (lake) in order to determine their swimming level, the whole edah got back together for a peulat edah. They broke up into different groups and played star ball, where there are different questions on the ball and they have to answer the question on which their hands land, red light/green light, and indian chief (a leadership game). The goal of the peulat edah was for everyone to run around and start feeling comfortable with each other and within the edah. Afterwards we all joined together to learn the edah song, which goes to the tune of "Our House" by Madness – an oldie but goodie! This morning at breakfast we all got up in the cheder ochel (dining hall) and sang it to all of tzad aleph (a-side). For our peulat erev last night (night activity) we had the kids pair off and dress up as different famous pairs, for example, Michelle and Obama, Mickey and Minnie, ketchup and mustard. They had to make a cheer together and incoorporate Hebrew – it was a lot of fun!

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