Solelim’s First Day at Camp!

   Solelim had an amazing first day of camp! After all of the parents had left and the carnival was over, we all gathered together in the Moadon Solelim (Our meeting place) and had a pep rally where we introduced all of the tzevet (staff). Each staff member was given a fun, silly introduction and was welcomed in by some fun music, for example, "She is a world-famous scientist who spent the last five years at the North Pole…let's welcome Tova Stark!"

    Afterwards we did an exilirating round-robin of activities where the edah broke up into bunks and made bunk flags, learned the edah song and dance, created a human pyramid, and used hebrew in a tennis ball game. This was all part of a "secret mission" that the edah was presented with. The staff did a wonderful job and the campers went back to their bunks happy and exhausted after the first day of camp! 

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