Solelim’s First Day!


   After everyone from Solelim second session had gathered, taken their swim tests, done a little tzrif (bunk) bonding, and eaten dinner, we all participated in an exciting peulat erev (night activity)! We did a scavenger hunt across all of Tzad Aleph (A-side) with interesting clues, half in English and half in Hebrew. There were many different obstacles that they had to do at each station. One station was climbing up and over benches, doing jump rope, and hula hoop-ing the night away. My particular favorite was the one where there were some picnic tables lined up with boxes on top and some sleeping bags strewn over them in order to hide the most surprising of objects underneath. Under each box there was an ordinary, everyday object and the person who was sent away from the group had to lift the boxes and say what the object was as fast as they could…the surprise object hiding under one of the tables was…one of the counselors!!



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