Solelim’s Leil Kishronot (Talent Night)!


  Last night Solelim held their own Leil Kishronot (Talent Night) where we saw the many different talents of the Solelimers: Danny Ingber, Daniel Weiss put on a mini fashion show, Sam (Peanut) Kluger played a type of flute, Sarah Rosenfeld did a fabulous dance, as did Noah Glickman, Sam Pell did a twisty-turvy talent; Sophie Elfenbaum, Lila Neusner, Sydney Levenson did a dance, Jacob Dmitrovsky played the piano, Jenna Margolis sang a song from Wicked, Heather Krasner sang a song from the radio, etc. The madrichim (counselors) even did a funny little exercise spoof. Thanks so much to all the wonderful performances, everyone had a great time!


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