Solelim’s Mystery Auction and the beginning of Yom Meyuchad


Last night for peulat erev (night activity) Solelim held a mystery auction where fun, or not-so-fun prizes were auctioned off to the different tzrifim (bunks). Each time a clue was given the different bunks had to decide if they wanted to bid and spent their ‘shekels’ (money) which they had earned the day before by doing good deeds or helping out. The clues were very vauge and mysterious, for example ‘you will be skipping around the room and having so much fun, everyone will be shouting!’ That was the mystery clue that they would then bet on, and only after they had bought the prize did they find out what it was – that one turned out to be winning a free birthday cake in the cheder ochel (dining hall)! Everyone had a lot of fun! Today we began our Yom Meyuchad (special day) – today’s theme is ‘Yom This is Sparta’ (Greek themed)…here are some pictures of the kids in their togas…

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