Solelm creates Bunk Plaques


   Solelimers painted their bunk plaques today; they each came up with an inside joke within their tzrif and then took turns painting it on their bunk plaque. They all seem to be working hard and cooperating. After that they will be going around with their tzrif (bunk) to different activities as part of Achdut Day (togetherness)…at Teva Cooking they will be working together and each person will have a different sense that they cannot use, their friends will have to help them, for example one kid will not be able to use their eyes and the other person won't be able to use their hands so they will have to work together to make pizza over the campfire. Another chug (option) that they will go to is comics where they will be using Jewish values and phrases to draw comics, such as "v'ahavta l'raiacha camocha – love your neighbor as yourself" and "ish echad k'lev echad – one man like one heart."


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