Spotlight on Alex Schwartz: Digital Photography & Solelim

Alex Schwartz (pictured above with our Solelim chanichim, and below; also, see bio, below) is the head of our Digital Photography Chug (elective).   At home in Israel, he is the creative lead in a strategic design company, Rider Brand Group, in Zichron Yaakov.

When asked, “How did you make your way to Ramah Palmer”, it emerges that his daughter, Noa, did her mechina (pre-army program) at Kibbutz Hanaton, of our Masorti (Conservative) movement.  Through her mechina service, she became more familiar with the Masorti practices, and slowly some of them became  interesting and appealing to her.  The aspects that Noa came to appreciate were our pluralistic, tolerant, and egalitarian approach, as well as the diverse nature and beliefs of the Kibbutz members.  Her family became familiar through Masorti Judaism through her experience, and when the Sochnut (Jewish Agency) showed up at Hanaton — our machane (camp) became the beneficiaries of not only Noa’s friendliness, expertise and work ethic in the Gan, but also of Alex’s friendliness and expertise in Digital Photography.   Alex’s two other children are chanichim (campers) here as well. Welcome and thank you!

Bio, Alex Schwartz:

Creative Lead

Senior branding and interactive designer since 1996.
Alex has since established his position as leader in his field, responsible for dozens of successful campaigns in United States, Israel and Europe and heading many private and government sectors projects, including for the American Food and Drug Administration(FDA), the National Institute of Health (NIH), ect.

Alex has mastered design software and has displayed tremendous
intelligence in adapting their use to design purposes and for specific

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