Spotlight on Yoav Wachs: and See the “SNL” Video! with Kochavim, Ilanot, Solelim, Shoafim, Magshimim & Bogrim

Chug (elective) Video is headed by Yoav Wachs (pictured above, right).  Yoav just completed his IDF service, in the Air Force, in the International Relations.  He purchased aircraft replacement parts, and coordinated US-Israeli joint Air Force maneuvers.  His most memorable moment during his army service was flying in an F-15 (as a passenger, not pilot); he describes it as “fast, scary, up and down and upside, with rolls and dips just like a roller coaster, and nausea-inducing”.   Yoav has strong familial connections to our Movement and Ramah Palmer.  His father Hillel was here as a chanich from 1970-74, his first cousins were all chanichim and in Rikud (dancing) here, and Yoav’s grandparents are Saul and Barbara (z”l) Wachs.  Yoav is teaching all the Edot and his chanichim have produced a sophisticated, hysterically funny joint-edot video — Saturday Night Live at Ramah Palmer! Click on link, below, to view the video!