Take your Camper to Camp Day: adat ha-Solelim and Archery!

Our kayitz (summer) 2019 kick-off continues with two “Take Your Camper to Camp” days.  Each madrich (counselor) accompanies their chanichim (campers) to each peula (activity) and chug (elective), and participates in the peula with their chanichim.  This greatly enhances the transition into the machaneh (camp) for each chanich, and builds great connections between the chanichim and madrichim.  These chanichim from adat ha-Solelim are pictured together with Tzevet (staff) Archery member Zachary Leventhal.  They are learning the fundamentals of Archery, included safety, verbal commands, stance, aim and others — all while getting to know each other!

Categories: Chugim, Solelim