Take Your Camper to Camp Day: adat ha-Ilanot Limud (Education)

Our kayitz (summer) 2019 kick-off continues with two “Take Your Camper to Camp” days.  Each madrich (counselor) accompanies their chanichim (campers) to each peula (activity) and chug (elective), and participates in the peula with their chanichim.  This greatly enhances the transition into the machaneh (camp) for each chanich, and builds great connections between the chanichim and madrichim.  These chanichim in adat ha-Ilanot are at their first Limud session for this kayitz! The summer theme Emet (truth) was incorporated in this body-movement, yoga-like activity; the chanichim used their bodies to understand the letters alef, mem, and tav, spelling emet. Each letter is firmly rooted, just like truth itself.

This creative Limud session was led by Tzevet Limud (Education staff) member Rabbi Ilana Garber (photo and bio, below) of Beth El Temple, West Hartford, CT.  Rabbi Garber has served on our Limud staff for several summers.

Rabbi Ilana Garber



Rabbi Ilana C. Garber has served the community of Beth El Temple since August 2005. She graduated from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, with a bachelor’s degree in Talmud (2000), a master’s degree in Jewish education (2003), and rabbinic ordination (2005). She also received a bachelor’s degree in religion from Barnard College (2000), writing a thesis entitled, “Can One be an Observant Jew and a Practicing Buddhist?” (You’ll have to chat with her to find the answer!)

Rabbi Garber is co-chair of the Women’s Committee of the Rabbinical Assembly’s Connected and Vital Rabbinate. She is a past participant in the STAR: Synagogue Transformation And Renewal PEER: Professional Education for Excellence in Rabbis program, in a rabbinic cohort of Advancing Women Professionals, and in the Clal Rabbis Without Borders fellowship. She serves on the board of Mikveh Bess Israel, and has served on the convention and nominating committees of the Rabbinical Assembly. She is currently a participant in the Matan Institute for Educators, learning how to foster a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities in our educational program and synagogue.

Rabbi Garber is married to Dr. Adam Berkowitz, a musician and web developer, and they have two sons. She writes about Jewish parenting, raising a child with special needs, and being a cancer survivor – all at the same time – often on Kveller.

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