Take Your Camper to Camp Day! Shoafim: Ropes

Our kayitz (summer) 2019 kick-off continues with two “Take Your Camper to Camp” days.  Each madrich (counselor) accompanies their chanichim (campers) to each peula (activity) and chug (elective), and participates in the peula with their chanichim.  This greatly enhances the transition into the machaneh (camp) for each chanich, and builds great connections between the chanichim and madrichim.

Pictured above are chanichim from adat ha-Shoafim, along with their madrichim and Tzevet Ropes (Ropes staff), all enjoying Day One at the Ropes course.  Rosh Ropes is Uri Offenbacher (pictured below) of Jerusalem.

Uri recently finished a seven-year tenure teaching at Etgarim, an outdoor sports program for disabled children in Jerusalem.  Upon his return to Jerusalem, he will begin teaching at the Jerusalem Sudbury Valley School.   Uri’s educational and outdoor skills are evident as he interacts with our chanichim, instructing them on safety rules as well as knot-tying, warm-up exercises, and other ropes- related skills.  Read about the fascinating organization Etgarim, here: