Take Your Campers to Camp Day

Perhaps it is not surprising that I am a bit of a camp insomniac.  I wake up early every morning and enjoy hearing the birds singing and look forward to a great day.  I find the solitude of the early morning hours a great time to get a little work done. 

Today, Wednesday, and tomorrow, Thursday, have been dubbed "Take your campers to camp day."  The madrichim (counselors) will acompany the campers to all activities and participate with them.  This is different than our typical day when counselors have a variety of other responsibilities including staff training, program planning, staff meeting and staff learning. 

We feel it is important to make sure that the kids are acclimating well to the program and we want the counselors to get a firm handle on each child's experience, the social dynamics developing in the bunk, and how the program is working for each kid.  Besides, it is fun!

Over the next two days the campers will become comfortable with the camp routine and really get to know their staff.

Let's hope for a fun filled and dry day!

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