Tarbut Yisraelit: Israel Bingo & Shira with Ilanot; Boker Tzrif Israeli bootcamp with Solelim

Meet more of our tireless Tarbut Yisraelit (Israeli Culture) tzevet (staff) members Devorah, Yossi, and Shir.  They imbue Palmer with the spirit, fun, energy, love for and intimate knowledge of the land, language, food, dance, song and Zionism straight from Israel.  The Ilanot chanichim (campers) pictured here engaged in an educational and fun Israel Bingo game on a rainy Palmer afternoon.

Micah Pickus of our tzevet Shira (song staff) is pictured below with our Ilanot chanichim during a Tarbut Yisraelit song (and dance!) session including the robust Mah Rabu.

Yossi, who served in the elite Sayeret Golani (reconnaissance) unit in Tzahal, and Shir, who was a Commander in Tzahal who taught Hebrew to new immigrant soldiers, ran an Israeli boot camp for our Boker Tzrif (Bunk morning) program, complete with uniforms.   Pictured (below) are our Solelim chanichim, being put through their paces, including saluting and greeting Yossi and Shir with “Boker Tov Mefaked” and “Boker Tov Mefakedet” — Good morning Commander (male and female, respectively).  Thank you for your service in Tzahal and for imparting a taste of your experience to our chanichim.