Targil Aish Fire Drill Safety @ Machaneh Ramah

At Machaneh Ramah we work to help our Chanichim (campers) have the best summer ever. A great summer rests on the foundation of a safe summer, so yesterday at lunch we practiced a camp-wide Targil Aish (fire drill) at Aruchat Tzaharayim (lunch). Each table in the Chadar Ochel (cafeteria) had a Hebrew letter on it. The Chanichim were told that when the drill began that they would use the exit that corresponded to the letter on their table. The drill began and the Chanichim quietly and in an orderly fashion exited the Chadar and made their way to the Beit Am Gadol where they sat with their Tzrif (bunk). It was impressive to see how everyone listened and followed the rules. Machzor Sheini (second session) here we come- looking forward to the best summer ever!