Tefilla (prayer): adat ha-Machon and Hodesh Tammuz Tov!

A lovely morning Tefilla was led by these chanichim (campers) of adat ha-Machon.  It was a lengthy daily morning service, with Hallel, Torah reading and Musaf added for Rosh Hodesh Tammuz.   A special bonus was a d’var Torah by visiting Tzevet Limmud (Education Staff) member Rabbi Mitch Berkowitz (photo below).

Rabbi Mitch spoke of this week’s parsha, Korach and the lessons we can derive from it in general, as well as in our machaneh (camp) specifically.   He contrasted the leadership styles of Korach and Yitro, and encouraged our kehilla (community) to adopt the “Yitro style”.  Yitro aimed to achieve the most good for the broadest possible constituency, rather than looking for one’s own personal self-aggrandizement (the “Korach style”).

Rabbi Gordon Tucker of our Tzevet Limmud, serves as the Yoetz Tefilla (advisor) and here assists with the proper wrapping and placement of Tefillin:

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