Tefilla: Solelim

This morning, Solelim chanichim (campers) led and participated in a lovely Tefilla, filled with ruach, singing, hand motions, and choreography.  Rabbi Hillel Greene of our Tzevet Limud (Education staff) gave a D’var Tefilla relating to the Amida prayer, right before its recitation.  He asked the chanichim to “vote” which of each of these pairs they needed more: chocolate chip cookie vs. Shabbat brownie; road vs. school; pillow vs. blanket; shoe vs. floor; hat vs. belt; and peace vs. happiness.   There were some heated philosophical discussions that ensued amongst the chanichim about each of these choices.  Ultimately, Rabbi Greene connected this process to the Amida prayer, by explaining that one of the brachot (blessings) is regarding God who listens to our prayer — while we need to do the praying.  Both the listening and the praying are needed.  To conclude, suggested that each chanich pick one thing to do today to make the world a better place.

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