The 2010 DVD Yearbook is Finished!!


Earlier this week I put the final touches on our 2010 DVD yearbook!  With great excitement, we dropped the master copy in the mail to the company that does our duplication work.  As always, it was something of a race to the finish line, but we're really excited with how the DVD came out and can't wait to share it with all of our 2010 campers and staff!

2010.Yearbook 001 
Attendees of the Tzad Bet reunion in Palmer and the reunion in DC this month got an advance screening of the yearbook video itself.  The DVD, as always, will also contain about an hour's worth of additional special features.  These include additional footage of Yom Sport, Shabbat Performances, "No Smoking" ruach, Makhelat Tzevet/Nivonim Performances, the Tikvah at Forty weekend, and lots more. 

2010.Yearbook 002 
It usually takes about 3-4 weeks for all of the copies to be made.  We expect to mail the DVDs out to everyone in late December/early January.  In the mean-time, I have sent one or two advance copies out to some of the lucky recent winners of our Photo of the Week contest…!  I have a few more copies, so it's not too late to submit a photo for our consideration!

I'll also be posting some clips from the video and the special features right here on in the coming weeks.  So keep checking back!