The Amazing Amitzim Play!!!

Tonight I am proud to share the shining actors and actresses of Amitzim!!! About an hour ago the entire camp gathered together for the first time this summer in the brand new Beit Am Gadol. Campers from ages 9 to 16 joined together to cheer on Amitzim as they performed their beautiful and inspiring show. The characters acted out the story of “Challahs in the Ark”; the story of a rabbi who leaves challahs in the ark for those in need and a poorer rabbi who finds them each week. Together they celebrate Shabbat miracles and eventually meet to celebrate Shabbat together. The counselors and campers worked extremely hard to make the set, props, costumes, songs and dances and everything was perfect. The hard work, dress rehearsals and hours of practice really paid off- the Amitzimers were truly amazing. We celebrated with a dance party afterwards and are looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow at Six Flags!

Laila Tov 🙂

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