The Arts Jewelry, Dance, Ceramics

From Ethan Linden

I had a chance to stop by the Jewelry, Dance and Ceramics groups earlier today and was struck by how much creative energy the kids can manage over a two-hour stretch.  Sometimes the campers can surprise themselves.  There was one camper in ceramics who kept saying how "unartistic" he was, while the all the while putting the finishing touches on a extremely artistic-looking piece of pottery.  Over at Jewelry Making, campers were meticulously constructing lovely bracelets, rings and necklaces, with a patient eye and hand which would impress a surgeon.  Finally, campers were working with our dance leader, Elizabeth Bergmann, who is the Director of Dance at Harvard University.  They were working on putting movements to music, teaching each other in pairs, after a morning of work on technique and motion.  It was impressive to watch them learn from such a master, and impressive to watch what they could achieve.

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