The Girls Cook Out!

Tzrif 8 had an exciting dinner with their Bunk Ima, Tami! With the help of the madrichim, the banot (girls) made their own pizza, choosing from a delectable selection of toppings! Once they were all baked and devoured, the banot were able to decorate freshly baked cookies and enjoy them after the Machon play! I was so honored to be part of their delicious party – it was certainly a treat!

Tzrif 7 also had a delicious treat in store for them as a reward for winning the Pandora song game during Yom App. Their counselors arranged for them to decorate and make their own pizzas, and the girls seemed to have a great time! Their night ended with a surprise visit from Rondeau’s and the girls enjoyed delicious ice cream before heading to bed. The girls loved the entire night, and I had a blast being part of it!

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