The Ilanot Newspaper


One of the activity options in Ilanot is to create an Ilanot Newspaper! Several chanichim signed up for this chug (activity)! Today, I visited them to see what they were up to! Here's what I found!

The Ilanoters in the newspaper chug began by brainstorming possible story ideas and thinking about what news chanichim around camp would want to read. They made a long list and decided to keep their eyes and ears open around camp for new possible ideas as they move forward. These chanichim are in the field! They have been busy performing interviews, writing stories, and creatin puzzles! 

Here's a sneak peak at a few of the upcoming sections of the newspaper:

  • An interview with a member of the cooking crew
  • An interview with the camp baker
  • Interviews with madrichim and live-ins
  • An opinion peice about Yom Foam
  • A crossword puzzle using hebrew words from around camp
  • A story about last night's Rick Recht Concert

It was wonderful to see our chanichim so excited and proud to be the creators of the new newspaper! Below is a picture of the crew during their chug meeting time!


Liav Shapiro, Rosh Ilanot

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