The Next Step in the Ramah Ladder – Israel Seminar!

Ramah Israel Seminar is a 6-week program in Israel for our Nivonim graduates with other Ramahniks from around the country. Seminar is the next step in the ladder of Ramah experiences…from being a Nivonimer, to Seminar, and ultimately returning to Ramah as a staff member. Whether you’ve been to Israel many times or have never been before, Seminar can be a transformative experience for you.

Our Niv ’15 Ramah Seminar participants shared the following with us:
“Over the past four weeks, we have been having an incredible time traveling, exploring, and learning in Poland and Israel. It has been so amazing to continue our Ramah experience in Israel, a place we have learned about throughout our camper years.  We have created such strong friendships with all the other Ramah camps and have become part of the greater Ramah community.In Poland, we visited several camps, ghettos, and shtetls. Through it all, we gained a better understanding of Jewish history in Eastern Europe before, during, and after the Holocaust. Transitioning from the tragedies of Poland, the lowest point in Jewish history, to Israel, the highest point, was a unique opportunity in tracing the path the Jewish people took.

Ever since we landed in Israel, three weeks ago, we have visited numerous sights and engaged in complex discussions within our groups. We began our journey in the North traveling to places such as the Golan Heights and the Kinneret. We met with Israelis and Arabs who discussed their experiences  which enabled us to get a better understanding of the various perspectives in Arab-Israeli conflict.

After this initial week, we went to Jerusalem and had day trips to the City of David, Tel Aviv, Masada, Har Herzl, and Kever Rachel, to name a few. Praying in these different locations, such as on top of Masada and on Har Hatzofim, was incredibly meaningful. This coming week we will take part in our Etgar week, where just like at camp, we have several options includinggadna (an I.D.F. simulation), hiking in the North or the Negev, or participating in community service in Jerusalem.

We are looking forward to the rest of our time here on Ramah Seminar. We have had so much fun singing, laughing, and learning the traditions of other Ramah camps. We cannot wait for Niv ’16 and future chanichim (campers)to one day embark on this journey in Israel.”

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