The Ramah Dynamic Community Begins: Kayitz 2009

On Sunday, June 14 the Hanhallah (senior staff) came to camp to begin our training and planning for the summer.  One of the most amazing parts about coming up to camp early with the Hanhallah is that we get to see as our community start to build.  The camp was quite, with only the Agam (waterfront) staff and a few people working around the camp to be seen.  As the week went on, I watched layer by layer as our community came together.

The Mishlachat (Israeli staff) arrived on Tuesday and the rest of our staff on Wednesday.  On Wednesday night I looked around the room to see our entire staff together for the first time.  Our staff is a group of people whom for 10 months of the year live fairly separate lives, but on June 17, when they all arrived became a dynamic community.  Although we all come from different backgrounds, we all make a conscious decision to come to camp and be part of this special Kehillah (community).  The next layer of the community to arrive is, our core, the reason we are all here, the campers. As we all eagerly await the arrival of our campers we are busy during staff week planning and organizing for opening day.  We prepare for our community to become whole and begin its summer long journey.

Throughout the summer our campers and staff will develop leadership skills, lasting friendships and Jewish consciousness.  Ramah New England is more than a camp; it is an extended family where friendships forges and experiences gained last a lifetime.   Camp Ramah, while forming its own vibrant Jewish community helps create unbreakable bonds to Judaism and the Jewish community at large.

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