The Ramah Experience: Machon and Amitzim Lead, Shine, Accomplish and Are a Part of a Great “Fiddler”!

On Wednesday night, we were treated to an all-Hebrew version of Fiddler on the Roof, the last machazemer (musical) of the summer. Machon (rising 10th graders) and Amitzim (unit of teens with disabilities) worked tremendously hard – and with great passion and talent – to bring this crowd-pleaser to the whole camp community.

This machazemer, like others earlier this summer and so many other experiences during this kayitz, gave the chanichim (campers) opportunities to lead, to shine, to accomplish and to be a part of something. These collective moments make the Ramah experience so magical – and enable each chanich to connect to the Ramah experience in a unique and individual way.

Ethan R. reflected on his experience in the central role of Tevya:  “It was a great leadership opportunity for me – an opportunity to show how I have matured. I enjoyed seeing the unity in my edah – how the edah came together” for this project.

The campers were delighted with their roles, whether small or large. The Amitzimers could not have been more enthusiastic about being in Fiddler. Mikey F., who played a drum, was “excited to be in the band” because he loves music so much. Zak M. loved being a “papa” in the “Anitevka” number and Allie G. “loved being involved in the girls dance.”

Campers took great pride in learning the Hebrew songs. “My Hebrew isn’t great – I had to repeat the words over and over again to learn them,” Ethan R. emphasized. Leah P., in the role of Golda, felt a sense of accomplishment in getting and learning a speaking part in Hebrew.

Several chanichim in Machon reflected on their partnership with Amitzim in Fiddler. EJ R. said it is “really cool to work with Amitzim and learn about their camp experiences.” Max S., who has served as a “Machon Helper” and helped to teach the “Tradition” dance moves to Amitzim, found it “so fun to work with Amitzim because they enjoy camp so much.

“Whether in a lead role or as a member of the ensembles for the boys’ or girls’ dances, the chanichim were resoundingly thrilled with their experience – enjoying the opportunities that Fiddler provided to lead, shine, accomplish something important, and be a part of a fantastic and supportive group of chanichim. What a spectacular show, what a great Ramah experience!

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