The Shoafim 2011 “It’s a Good Life” Chug Photo Scavenger Hunt!


I am excited to report that, this summer, we are continuing a long-standing tradition by offering the "It's a Good Life" Chug to all of our fun-loving Shoafim campers!  This chug (elective) isn't a regular camp chug — it's a special series of silly events that we offer only to edat ha-Shoafim. 

One of my favorite Good Life activities, that we run every year, is our photo scavenger hunt.  We divided the kids up into six groups, each with a digital camera, and gave them each a list of all sorts of silly photos they needed to try to capture around camp, in 45 minutes.

Here's one group, on duty at the camp's Guard House:

GoodLife.01.LeahVoytovich 008 
Here are two other groups, hard at work in our Main Office:

GoodLife.03.Milunsky 006 
GoodLife.06.AriLevy 003 
Here's another group, dunking a basketball:

GoodLife.05.AdinaRochelson 005 
Finally, here's a shot of one group blowing kisses at their Rosh Edah, Eleanor:

GoodLife.05.AdinaRochelson 001 

The Shoafim Good Lifers were amazing, capturing so many funny photos!